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Ancelotti: Ronaldo is not a selfish player

Ancelotti: Ronaldo is not a selfish player

Ancelotti: Ronaldo is not a selfish player

Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo During this time attached to the notion that he is a selfish player Adala and do not want to share with colleagues. Nevertheless it was denied by Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti.

Since at Manchester United and now in Madrid, Ronaldo relatively seen as an individualistic player. Nicks goal so impressive as to justify the assumption.

Just look at the current uniform Madrid where he has 269 goals made from 257 appearances since 2009 Not infrequently, this also makes frequent adverse criticized for his teammates.

Ancelotti, who has coached two seasons Ronaldo, asked about Ronaldo’s negative perception about this. Italian man was clearly refute and also contribute to assess Ronaldo goals made ‚Äč‚Äčteammate.

I must say that the most talented players in our squad, Cristiano Ronaldo, also helped the team. When there are players who make a 50 goals a season, obviously he was very helpful teammates and coaches! Plus he is not selfish: he’s ready to play in any position, Ancelotti told the French Football was quoted as saying by Marca.

According to Transfermarkt, Ronaldo had 151 assists in his career of 386 goals he scored. How, if CR7 is a selfish player?