Atletico’s Simeone Remind Vigilant Against Valencia

Atletico‘s Simeone Remind Vigilant Against Valencia

Atletico's Simeone Remind Vigilant Against Valencia

Valencia Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone, reminding his team that Valencia had a good counterattack. By karnanya, he asked his team to focus in order to reap the full three points this weekend.

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Atletico will come to the headquarters Valencia on Saturday (10/04/2014) evening hrs. Currently, both teams finished second and standings with a collection of the same, while the 14th Valencia there in a better position with a goal difference that is also better.

Ahead of the game, Valencia camp accused Atletico play aggressive habits. However, Simeone himself reluctant to respond. Instead, he praised Valencia as the team developing very rapidly.

We’re in good shape and eager to face the big game. We just focus on what we can do, instead focus on other things beyond that,” said Simeone as reported by Marca.

We have to play well to face an opponent that is well developed as they are. They have a good coach and also counter-attacked well.”

They’re going to demand a lot of effort and hard work from us,” said Simeone.

Atletico recently successfully beat Juventus 1-0 in the Champions League Matchday II. After the game, Simeone calling the win was a tactical victory; where, as usual, letting opponents Atletico dominated the match and put a low defensive line.

Interesting how the tactics awaited Simeone in the game this time.

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