Casillas, captain with the World’s First Eight Major Trophy

Casillas, captain with the World’s First Eight Major Trophy

Casillas, captain with the World's First Eight Major Trophy

Jakarta Never before a captain with the title attribute so than Iker Casillas. Together with Spain and Real Madrid he has won a total of eight titles in eight tournaments and biggest competition.

Casillas eighth title in the can at the end of last week. He helped Real Madrid beat San Lorenzo in the World Cup final with a score of 2-0.

By lifting the trophy, which is precisely the case in the 700th game with Real Madrid, Casillas carve a new record. He became the first captain who won eight major trophies: the Club World Cup, La Liga, Copa del Rey, Spanish Super Cup, European Super Cup, Champions League, World Cup and European Cup.

That means, Casillas also managed to become a champion in every tournament that had him follow. Thus quoted from Dailymail.

In El Real, Casillas started appointed as captain in the summer of 2010, following the departure of Raul and Guti. Casillas first trophy as captain he was adopted at the end of the 2010/2011 season after beating Barcelona in the final of the Copa del Rey.

One season later (2012) he won La Liga and the Spanish Super Cup. The series was only continued in 2014, where Casillas won the trophy with Real Madrid Champions League, European Super Cup and Club World Cup.

Together with the Spanish national team, Casillas has been appointed as captain before the 2008 European Cup title, also replace Raul who was called to the finals held in Austria and Switzerland. As history is written, Spain emerged as champions in the tournament after beating Germany in the final.