Di Maria is History in Madrid, Time James Show Superiority

Di Maria is History in Madrid, Time James Show Superiority

Di Maria is History in Madrid, Time James Show Superiority

Madrid Angel Di Maria is the past despite the Argentine winger has given a lot to Real Madrid. Now is the time James Rodriguez made ​​history similar or even better than Di Maria.

Di Maria‘s departure leaves painful for most Madrid fans remember his services while bringing the club won the Champions League last season. Moreover sell Di Maria to Manchester United in order to accommodate the arrival of James Rodriguez, the new star shone in the 2014 World Cup with the national team of Colombia.

Inevitably this makes the president Florentino Perez received harsh criticism related to the sellpurchasing it. Assessed that Di Maria is still better and more experienced than the new James mentas in European football in recent seasons 1-2.

Especially when Di Maria was the middle look okay with always scored in his last three games with Manchester United in the Premier League plus several assists for his colleagues. The more upset just might be Madridistas compare the performance of Di Maria with James at this time.

James himself is always a top choice since Carlo Ancelotti was purchased from AS Monaco but the performance is considered not paid the high price. From 9 appearances in all competitions, 22-year new players make 1 goal and 2 assists.

Related to that James realized that he will always be compared with Di Maria, as his predecessor had been given a series of trophies for Madrid. Yet James believes he can do the same as Di Maria accomplish.

He is a great player and did a lot of things here, he’s already made ​​history, and many who respected him,” James said as reported by Football Espana.

Di Maria is so loved and I was new to get it. I also want to make history here,” he continued.

I have to hurry, but I got used to it. That’s what the coach wants and I am happy to do so because I am happy to be in this club.”