Down Level, Liverpool Will Picking in Summer

Down Level, Liverpool Will Picking in Summer

Down Level, Liverpool Will Picking in Summer

Liverpool – Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers did not deny if his team had already decreased level this season. Therefore, its mission in the summer is to rebuild the squad to compete at the top.

After finishing runner-up last season, Liverpool threatened not to finish in the top four this season. With the Premier League four weeks left to live, they are still within seven points of the top four are so limit the Champions League zone.

Merseyside children are now collecting the value of 58 of the 34 matches in the top five. While Manchester United who are in fourth place got 65 points from the same number of matches.

The opportunity to attenuate the distance actually open in the last two games, each time against West Bromwich Albion last weekend and Hull City in the middle of this week delay action. But of the six points that could potentially be achieved, the team made by Brendan Rodgers instead only managed to get one number.

Rodgers admitted his side were choked rate is affected minimal contribution goals of the attackers. They no longer had the attackers were able to break the deadlock as last season.

Last season they were capable of scoring a total of 101 goals, with Luis Suarez contributed 31 goals and Daniel Sturridge scored 21 goals. Both are pemuncak list of top scorer that season.

Suarez departure to Barcelona earlier in the season followed by a prolonged injury that befell Sturridge makes Liverpool levels plunged. This season only from 34 weeks they’ve recorded 47 goals, less than half of last season incision.

More obvious if you see the goal record their attackers today. The new Sturridge played 12 times only scored four goals. Still more than other strikers Rickie Lambert the newly made two goals from 12 matches, Fabio Borini with one goal in 12 games, and Mario Balotelli are also so far only one goal from 16 parties.

Rodgers was determined to rebuild the team and restore the level of the best games in the summer. Certainly the way forward is to bring in players who qualified.

“You can not hide from the fact that we have lost more than 50 goals and the reality is that no longer exists within the team. And any team who lost it, you will have difficulty maintaining the level previously lived,” he said on the club’s official website.

“With our level of last year, with Suarez and Sturridge along with these players, we still had not the favorite to be in the top four and set aside. And it is with the players.”

“We do not have that confidence again now and the challenge is even greater: Luis is gone and Daniel injured in the majority of the season. The players who are already giving the best effort to meet the challenges and meet the standards,” he added.

“We are not in that level, so we must focus again and trying to develop a squad, that every club will do. Every club and big clubs will always strive to develop themselves in the summer and that is what we will do,” the manager of the Irish This north.