Enter Period Complicated, MU reminded to Boost Performance

Enter Period Complicated, MU reminded to Boost Performance

Enter Period Complicated, MU reminded to Boost Performance

Manchester – Manchester United can concentrate on the Premier League after being knocked out of the FA Cup. However, efforts to secure the top four is not an easy task if the ‘Red Devils’ do not boost performance.

MU forced outclassed Arsenal 1-2 at home, Old Trafford, the FA Cup quarter rolling on Tuesday (10/03/2015) pm dawn. Even more painful, winner printed former player, Danny Welbeck.

Arsenal took the lead even more with the goal Nacho Monreal. Wayne Rooney equalized four minutes later.

Negative results were not the first to be listed MU this season. They’ve never reap the rewards of a more painful, was eliminated in the second round of the League Cup. Manchester United were defeated 0-4 of clubs that play in Ligue One MK Dons.

Fall of the two that event, MU only remaining one competition: Premier League. Judging distance with the top standings Chelsea, hard MU won this season. MU most realistic chance is to maintain the top four in order to appear in the Champions League next season.

“Momentum is two-way and for United today, they are not going to win any awards and all that the only live to ensure that they can survive in the top four this season,” said Phil Neville, the former Manchester United player who also became a commentator, as quoted by the BBC.

“It’s a tricky period for them. Therefore, they are still leaving the game with a face Chelsea, Manchester City, as well as Everton.

“It was a massive, massive two months for them towards the end of the competition. The result is good so far, but they have to boost performance,” explained 38-year-old man.

Yes, while it is safe to MU for fourth. However, the Red Devils who pocketed 53 points is 10 points with Chelsea who mastered the standings with a collection of 63 points.

But the stalker MU only left with a thin point. Liverpool is in fifth place bagging points 51. Tottenham Hotspur Southampton collecting 5o points and 49 points. The teams will still face Manchester United in the ten games remaining. In addition, MU also still leaves game versus Arsenal.