Get rid of Preston, Manchester United to face Arsenal in Quarterfinals

Get rid of Preston, Manchester United to face Arsenal in Quarterfinals

Get rid of Preston, Manchester United to face Arsenal in Quarterfinals

Preston – Manchester United win a ticket to the final round of the FA Cup quarter-finals by winning 3-1 over Preston North End. ‘Red Devils’ subsequently been awaited by the defending champions, Arsenal.

Compete in Deepdale Stadium on Tuesday (17/02/2015) pm dawn, MU left earlier after Preston scored early in the second half by kicking Scott Laird. However, MU was able to score two goals in seven minutes to back ahead.

Ander Herrera started the comeback Manchester United over the tally in the 65th minute before Marouane Fellaini turn things around seven minutes later. Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney completed the scoring through a penalty two minutes before the game ended.

Thus, Manchester United qualified for the quarter-finals and will face Arsenal at Old Trafford.

The game

Manchester United dominated possession in the early minutes of the match. But it was Preston who first noted the efforts scored that led to the goal.

Starting from a counter-attack in the ninth minute, Preston directly send the ball forward quickly to Joe Garner. He then searched the room and opened fire, but not too difficult for David De Gea.

Five minutes minutes later, MU turns to threaten the goalkeeper Preston escorted by Thorsten Stuckmann. Executed free kick by Angel Di Maria passing posse built Preston player but still deviated from the goal.

MU build an attack from the left side through Luke Shaw. He then let the bait into the penalty box which immediately struck by Wayne Rooney. But Rooney’s shot was blocked by John Welsh.

Preston had another chance in the 27th minute. But header from a free kick Garner welcome Gallagher still soar above the crossbar MU.

Although appearing very dominant in the first half, Manchester United did not record a shot on goal. The first half ended with the score 0-0.

Entering the second half, Preston took the initiative to attack first. The result, three minutes after the restart, goalkeeper De Gea eventually collapse.

This goal came from a direct feed Garner kick was met by Scott Laird. The ball that was on foot Antonio Valencia it could not be stopped by De Gea.

The goal gave Preston confidence. Host more excited to add excellence. Preston almost fruitless effort in the 52nd minute. But Tom Clarke failed to deflect a free kick Paul Gallagher perfectly.

After not record a single shot on target in the first half, the new MU kick into the net in the 58th minute. Is Di Maria who try to kick from outside the box, but the ball still secured by Stuckmann.

Preston threatened again four minutes later. Feedback from Chris Humphrey forwarded by Garner with a header. But his header was still too weak and the ball can be caught by De Gea.

MU finally able to equalize in the 65th minute. Receiving the ball from Ashley Young, Ander Herrera is in the penalty box and then opened fire with his right foot. The ball lodged in the top right corner of the goal Preston and the score changed to 1-1.

The goal Herrera had received protests from the players Preston. They assess Wayne Rooney, who was standing in front of the keeper Stuckmann be in an offside position. However, the referee still endorse these goals.

Preston had another opportunity through a free kick. Gallagher executed free kick earned Preston in the 70th minute. But his shot bounced over the crossbar.

Two minutes later, Manchester United back ahead. Valencia who moves from the right side to send feedback to the penalty box. Marouane Fellaini forward with a header, but could be blocked by Stuckmann. Throwing the ball directly struck Fellaini for goalkeeper Preston.

Two minutes before the normal time runs out, Manchester United were awarded a penalty after Rooney was dropped by Stuckmann in the box. Rooney penalty kick it executes itself perfectly perform their duties at the same time ensuring a 3-1 victory for Manchester United.


Preston North End: Stuckmann; Huntington, Clarke, Wright (Wiseman 75 ‘), Laird; Welsh; Gallagher, Garner, Kilkenny (Reid 75 ‘), Humphrey; Davies (Robinson 75 ‘)

MU: De Gea; Valencia, Smalling, Rojo, Shaw; Blind; Fellaini, Di Maria; Herrera; Rooney, Falcao (Young 60 ‘)