How it Works Create Players Van Gaal Considered Fear

How it Works Create Players Van Gaal Considered Fear

How it Works Create Players Van Gaal Considered Fear

Southampton – The way Louis van Gaal get the “attack” of a former assistant who is now coached Southampton, Ronald Koeman. According Koeman, Van Gaal’s style has made the players feel frightened.

Koeman was assistant to Van Gaal at Barcelona in the period 1998-2000. The combination of the two produces the La Liga title for Barca in 1999. When Van Gaal to leave Barca in the next year, Koeman come away from Camp Nou.

Koeman reunited Van Gaal in 2004. At that time, Koeman as coach of Ajax Amsterdam and Van Gaal has just been appointed as director of Ajax techniques. Van Gaal’s arrival seems to be a problem for Koeman. Because, Van Gaal did not just deal with the problem of buying and selling players, but also interfere in the affairs of the tactics and strategy of the team – which should be the region Koeman as coach.

Koeman and Van Gaal finally really hostile. Not long after, Van Gaal resigned from his position. Koeman himself also took a few months later.

At last summer, Koeman and Van Gaal both migrated to the Premier League. Koeman believed train Southampton, while Van Gaal was appointed as manager of Manchester United.

His team Koeman and Van Gaal is currently competing for the ticket to the Champions League next season. Southampton is in the fifth position of the standings with a collection of 46 points, while Manchester United one level above it by a point.

In the hands of Van Gaal, MU does not really consistent. The Red Devils got through seven games unbeaten before finally defeated 1-2 at home to Swansea City last weekend.

“When you bring in Van Gaal, you bring in quality. But, you also bring in someone who thinks he knows everything. And it will lead to disputes,” said Koeman told the Mirror.

“There is a big difference between him and me as a manager. I was his assistant at Barcelona after the World Cup in 1998. I learned many things from him,” said Koeman.

“However, the way he handles the players totally different to the way I work. I do not overload the players with a lot of pressure,” he said.

“When Van Gaal was in charge, there is fear in the team. The players have a fear of mister Van Gaal. It is not always good,” said Koeman.