Kick-off Postponed ISL, Persib Not to Discuss Problem Losses

Kick-off Postponed ISL, Persib Not to Discuss Problem Losses

Kick-off Postponed ISL, Persib Not to Discuss Problem Losses

Jakarta – Director of PT Persib Bandung Dignity, Rhisa Adi Wijaya, still can not decide how many losses suffered by the club, following the postponement of ISL 2015. However, Maung Bandung already speak them to sponsor verbally.

Imam Nahrawi Affairs has officially announced to postpone ISL until the next two weeks. Reason for the delay caused ISL clubs and PT Liga Indonesia does not meet the requirements determined by the regulatory standards of FIFA, AFC, and Law SKN.

“We can not say loss or not because there is no definite schedule of PT Liga,” said Risha, when contacted detikSport, Wednesday (02/18/2015).

This was disclosed by him because bujeting of the club itself has not passed the number of bujeting 12 months. He said, Arsenal always take into account the competition with a 12-month financing. Though the competition itself was held for 10 months.

“Therefore we have to look at the schedule first. And, the schedule itself is uncertain. We (the club)’m still waiting for direction from PT League,” he added.

Once a matter production kick-off tickets ISL is reportedly already sold out. “Indeed, in preparation for the match, the club usually issued a ticket for the production start-up costs. But, because the game is postponed, the tickets’ could still be used at a later time. So it’s actually not too significant losses,” he said.

“With regard to sponsorship, delay this competition is actually a concern them. But they understand because this is outside of the control of the club. Since there is no actual delay we’ve been talking directly to them,” he said.

“Essentially we are still waiting for an official letter from PT Liga-related delays. So that we can deliver this to the vendor and our sponsors.”

“We hope that this competition would be run. But the problem hope to quickly deployed? We could not wished for it. Since this is already included in the domain of PT. League. We also can not be appealed to any other club (in order to quickly collect the data) because we could only follow the direction of the PT League. “