Less Royal, Liverpool Assessed Not Shopping Like a Great Team Europe

Less Royal, Liverpool Assessed Not Shopping Like a Great Team Europe

Less Royal, Liverpool Assessed Not Shopping Like a Great Team Europe

Liverpool Liverpool faltered in the Premier League so far, was also eliminated from the Champions League. Ex-England defender Gary Neville judge is not separated from spending policies The Red’ are less generous.

Fifteen weeks have passed in the Premier League, Liverpool still stuck at number nine standings with 21. They left behind 15 points from Chelsea at the top. Instead of the expected position of children Merseyside course, considering last season they managed to keep up chasing the title and finished as runner-up.

The pace was better listed in the Champions League. Steven Gerrard et al. eliminated in the group stage after losing to compete with Real Madrid and Basel. Now they will continue the pursuit to the Europa League group stages due to end the third.

Seeing the contrast rate this season with last season, Neville judge it can not be separated from the transfer policy Liverpool players less okay. After losing Luis Suarez who was the top scorer last season, Liverpool are considered not to bring an appropriate replacement figure.

The manager, Brendan Rodgers, this season to buy a total of seven new players and spent no less than 116 million pounds, with the biggest purchases include Adam Lallana, Lazar Markovic, Dejan Lovren, Mario Balotelli, and Alberto Moreno. But the fifth contributions have not been up so far.

They obviously sell Luis Suarez for 65 million pounds and spent about 100 million pounds for five or six players, so they spend 40 million pounds. This number does not even touch what the big European teams and actually shopping when they want it , Neville told Sky Sports.

When you talk about a big club and Liverpool won the European championship for the past 30 years, building a new stadium seating for 65,000, 40 million pounds is not appropriate,” he continued.

Manchester United have done so, the City has been doing, Chelsea have done it, Real Madrid will do it. If you want to be a great team, then act as a great team, and what they do not. So the idea about him (Rodgers) spend a lot of money in the aspect of a big club, he did not do it. he spent 40 million pounds, said the former Manchester United defender.

Furthermore, Neville revealed the management did not provide financial support needed by Rodgers to do a big shopping.

The team will buy players worth 80 million pounds. He (Rodgers) have not done so, he just lightly touch the rim. The total net expenditure is 40 million pounds and I do not see it as a big spending for Liverpool Football Club,” said he.