Liverpool Assessed Crazy If sack Rodgers

Liverpool Assessed Crazy If sack Rodgers

Liverpool Assessed Crazy If sack Rodgers

Liverpool Pressure to Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool manager chair still has not subsided. However, the owners of Liverpool called will take the road are sorely mistaken if later sacked Rodgers.

Support for 41-year-old manager was voiced by Danny Murphy, the Reds defender 1997-2004 period. Upon his defense, he refers to the attitude Rodgers when Liverpool look okay and finished runner-up in the Premier League last season.

I think they do not need to (make a change). I can not on behalf of the owner, but I thought they were crazy (if sacked Rodgers),” said Murphy on talkSPORT.

When the state of a brilliant run last season, he did not dissolve in the atmosphere and he is still humble, and I liked it from Brendan. And for me, he had earned the right to pass through a bad period,” he continued.

One of the biggest highlights of the Rodgers currently is spending players worth 100 million pounds last summer, with a group of new players it is relatively not well performed satisfactorily.

However, Murphy doubt that these recruits really are players who fill the top list Rodgers. He suspects there are greater things behind the scenes.

The question I want to ask is about recruitment. Who is actually doing it and most responsible? Brendan may have said he is the most responsible, and so decisive end, but my point is what actually happened, not what they say to the fans.

In the end, anyone who is in control over the recruitment of players, Brendan was the one who will be held accountable because the players do not perform well on the field and some of the new players have to try harder for the sake of Brendan, they have to get up and show off,” he said.