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Liverpool busy this week: Thursday Night Slam, Sunday Afternoon Play Again

Liverpool busy this week: Thursday Night Slam, Sunday Afternoon Play Again

Liverpool busy this week: Thursday Night Slam, Sunday Afternoon Play Again

Liverpool – Two important games in a short pause should be lived Liverpool this week. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers had to turn the work around for the sake of the brain can achieve positive results in the game match.

Besiktas will wait for Liverpool in the second leg of the party of Ataturk in the last 32 of the Europa League on Thursday evening local time – Friday (02/27/2015) pm dawn. Liverpool will try to secure a 1-0 aggregate to qualify for the round of 16.

After that, the Reds have to host Manchester City at Anfield on Sunday afternoon at 12.00 local time – Sunday (1/2) night. The event is also important for Liverpool who are trying continuously scored for the sake of finishing in the top four.

With this situation Liverpool only have about 57 hours to prepare for the City on his return from Turkey. “It’s not ideal and we match Sunday kickoff faster,” said Rodgers at Liverpool Echo.

Like Liverpool, this week City actually also have to appear in European club competition. But because of the Citizens already playing on Tuesday night aka Wednesday (25/2) pm dawn, they also have more time off from Anfield Gank.

It makes Liverpool, according to local time, will play on Thursday, return Friday morning and recuperate in the day, practicing and preparing for the City on Saturday, and compete on Sunday afternoon.

“There’s nothing we can do. We are just trying to deal with the situation and get the results we need. Time (break) 48 hours more for the City could be important, especially physically. We will not be back until 3 pm so we would have time preparation is short. Just enough for recovery, “said Rodgers.

“We can not practice at Anfield in order to keep good field conditions, so we have to practice when it was still light when Anfield could be used if we can practice night. It also did not help us. We would arrive at 3 am, the players may get home around 4:30. Next we will think of exercise and recuperate. The key is in a period of rest. What is important is sleep and rest. They will not be much rest on the plane, the adrenaline is still high after the match.

“We will try to rest on Friday, and then get ready (against City) on Saturday, then compete in Sunday,” he explained.