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Mignolet Glad Can Play Again

Mignolet Glad Can Play Again

Mignolet Glad Can Play Again

Burnley Simon Mignolet downfall tub windfall when the injured Brad Jones, allowed him to feel the green grass field Burnley match counter. He also said he was happy and ready to show his best performance again.

Mignolet last time when Liverpool play is offset Basel 1-1 in the Champions League, which makes them knocked out of the competition. After that Mignolet lost his place in goal and replaced Jones.

The reason is because Mignolet kept appearing under perform since the beginning of the season and made several mistakes of individuals, which makes the team failed to win. Counted he had to sit on the bench as Liverpool face Manchester United, Bournemouth, Arsenal, and Burnley.

Well, in the Boxing Day game against Burnley Christmas blessing as down to Mignolet. In the 15th minute Jones felt pain in his thigh and Mignolet finally play after missing the previous three games.

Performance is in the game is quite good, despite doing some silliness that almost made his collapse. Liverpool won 1-0 and break the series three games without a win.

You must always be ready when you are backed up or if you are the second choice. Anything can happen in a warm, so I have to always prepare myself as usual and perform well when you get a chance,” said Mignolet as quoted by Sky Sports.

Today we got the three points and we were very satisfied because it achieved in a tough spot conquered. I helped the condition of the body is still warm after heating was. I try to stay relaxed. I’m not the type of player that is easily confused, I try to focus on my looks , “he continued.

Brad and I was fine. We both work hard. It is unfortunate that he was injured, but I‘m sure he‘ll be right back. We do our best every workout for the better.”

I take advantage of every opportunity. I work hard and be patient because I always like this, so nothing has changed from me. Sometimes things are going tough, but you have to get up. I’m a positive thinker and I always try to continue rose again, that’s what I will continue to do, “said the Belgian goalkeeper.