Mourinho: Chelsea should Shame

Mourinho: Chelsea should Shame

Mourinho: Chelsea should Shame

London – Before the match against Bradford City, Jose Mourinho has warned Chelsea not to lose. Now that really removed Bradford, calling Mourinho Chelsea should feel ashamed.

Bradford –tim of League One or League division three Inggris– be against Chelsea in the FA Cup fourth round. With the quality of players that are owned, Eden Hazard et al. much more favored to win.

Mourinho was forbidden word lost to Chelsea before the game against Bradford in order to keep up grabbing quadruple. The Portuguese manager said that the defeat of Bradford would be a disgrace.

Chelsea finally completely lost from Bradford and should be eliminated from the FA Cup. Playing at Stamford Bridge on Saturday (24/01/2015) night, the Blues who had superior first two goals eventually defeated 2-4.

What happens in Chelsea called Mourinho as possible thing in football. But for Mourinho, his team’s defeat of Bradford still embarrassing.

“What happens is football and football is beautiful. I think this is kehindahan in football where a much better team can lose, it is difficult to occur in other sports and is more likely to occur here in this country and this sport,” said Mourinho BBC Sport.

“The mentality of a small team was special. Respect me for it and told them, they write the history of the club’s fantastic for them.”

“I repeat the words I said before this fight. It is a disgrace to the great team if losing a small team from a lower caste. We should feel ashamed, I and the players need to feel embarrassed. Frustration is not the right word, shame it would be fitting , “lugasnya.