Mourinho’s Chelsea Supporters Not Like The banter Gerrard

Mourinho’s Chelsea Supporters Not Like The banter Gerrard

Mourinho's Chelsea Supporters Not Like The banter Gerrard

London The incidence of slipping Steven Gerrard at Anfield last season became the derision of the supporters of Chelsea. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, did not like it and asked the fans to stop.

When Liverpool to Chelsea last season, Gerrard did a very fatal mistake. He slipped when controlling the ball in their own areas. Bak get a windfall, Demba Ba who saw the incident immediately ran herding the skin round the Liverpool penalty box. Without difficulty, Ba conquer Simon Mignolet to bring Chelsea 1-0.

Liverpool eventually lost 0-2 in the game. It proved decisive defeat in the Premier League title race last season, which eventually won the Manchester City.

The incidence of slipping Gerrard became the laughingstock of social media. Many memes are created to make fun of Gerrard. Supporters Chelsea did not miss. One of the songs they used to sing at Stamford Bridge also contain Gerrard taunts related to the incident.

I did not like the song of my supporters that,” Mourinho said on Sky Sports.

Some times it sounds funny, but if you keep so, especially with a player like him who deserve respect, I think you do not need it,” said Mourinho.

We still have a lot of other songs. You do not need a song that was,” he said.