Ozil Already Rindu Green Field

Ozil Already Rindu Green Field

Ozil Already Rindu Green Field

London Mesut Ozil long enough not perform on the field because of injury. Arsenal midfielder was also claimed to have been itching to get back round leather processing.

It’s been less than 10 weeks Ozil absent grazing. The last time he appeared for the Gunners are currently defeat of Chelsea in early October.

Ozil suffered a ligament injury when the international break last October when they want to strengthen Germany in the Euro 2016 qualifiers against Poland. As a result of the injury, Ozil is predicted to be pulled over for three months.

Ozil is unlikely to be re-sod before the new year. Mid-November, the 25-year-old said that he still had to be sidelined for seven weeks away.

It’s been quite a long hiatus, Ozil admitted miss grazing. He was hoping to soon return to training in the near future.

After some time, you really miss playing football. You miss the ball and just want to play,” said Ozil told Arsenal Player.

When watching the game and think that you can play, and play well, it makes you miss him. But the way it is,” said the German international.

I work every day to be fit and now I am on the right track. It will not be too long before I was back on the field. I hope to be back training with the team as soon as possible,” he added.