Premier League trophy So Short Main Liverpool Season Home

Premier League trophy So Short Main Liverpool Season Home

Premier League trophy So Short Main Liverpool Season Home

Liverpool – yet this season finished running, the Liverpool manager, Brendan Rodgers, has been talking about their target next season. Premier League title first priority ‘The Red’.

Liverpool this season is actually going to compete again championed fighting championship title, thanks to their okay appearances last season that eventually bear fruit only the runner-up.

Moreover, the purchase of a number of players worth a total of more than 100 million pounds will add strength Liverpool last season skuatnya fairly mediocre.

But the opposite happened because Liverpool started the season very bad and they have been eliminated from the Champions League. Just two months later the children Merseyside rose and now sits in the 8th position of the standings with 35 points, five points ahead of Manchester United in the fourth position.

Although the season is still running 22 weeks, the difference of 17 points with Chelsea at the top is too far to be pursued. Four great finish arguably be a realistic target for the Reds plus won trophies in the FA Cup, League Cup and the Europa League.

With the transition of the season after left Luis Suarez and the arrival of many new players, Rodgers believes that Liverpool will be talking a lot next season and the Premier League trophy is not impossible targets obtained.

“The reality is we are not going to be a champion of the league with the many changes made this season. I’m sure we will be ready to compete for the championship trophy next season,” said Rodgers in the Mirror.

“This season our target is to finish top four and winning other trophies. I think this squad has the capacity to be champions of the Premier League. We’ve got a lot of young players who can grow together, but this season is their time for adaptation and integration team , “he continued.

“The period of the integration team will be completed this summer and we will be able to compete to win the league title like we did last season,” said Rodgers.