Recent controversy Sterling: Inhaling Nitrous Oxide Teler

Recent controversy Sterling: Inhaling Nitrous Oxide Teler

Recent controversy Sterling: Inhaling Nitrous Oxide Teler

Liverpool – After the business contract and caught shisha, Raheem Sterling entered into a new controversy. Appears video recording she sucks nitrous oxide to get high.

Sterling praised Liverpudlian when he scored a goal that gave Liverpool a 2-0 win over Newcastle United. But a few hours before the game was held circulated video showing the young star of the Reds was being sucked gas nitrous oxide.

The first is TheSun publish the video. After sucking the gas Sterling mentioned until intoxicated and unconscious.

“We know with the news and intend to speak with the players. Any action that will do the club will be taken internally,” the statement quoted by the Reds camp of ESPNFC.

Nitrous Oxide is widely known as laughing gas and has a sweet aroma and flavor when dicecap. This gas is commonly used in anesthesia and pematirasaan in medicine.

The nickname “laughing gas” refers to the effects that appear when inhaling. People who inhale it will feel joy, relaxed and chuckled. Gas is not included as an item is legal in the UK, but banned from sale in adolescents under the age of 18 years. As quoted from the Guardian.

Abuse of nitrous oxide can cause a lack of oxygen in the respiratory tract and ultimately lead to loss of blood pressure, fainting and even heart attacks.

Nitrous Oxide is also known to help the burning rocket and for the sake of motor racing can increase engine power output. Racing world know with NOS.

“When you become a top professional in the world of sport, I think it’s not something you should be doing. It’s that simple. But I will speak to him. We want players who are super professional and focus on football. He was very professional,” says Brendan Rodgers when Asked by reporters about the video.

Sterling sucking action of nitrous oxide adds to the long controversy surrounding the 20-year-old player. Last week he rejected a new contract offered by Liverpool worth 100 thousand pounds a week because the figures were not considered large enough. While at the end of last week he was being photographed sucking shisha.