Remind eyes magnitude challenge for MU in March

Remind eyes magnitude challenge for MU in March

Remind eyes magnitude challenge for MU in March

Manchester – March designated as Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata as the month’s most demanding season. Positive results were achieved should be emphasized in order to mark this season with success.

Judging in terms of quantity, on paper actually MU will not be busy-very busy this month. There are only a total of four games that must be undertaken throughout the event of a total of 31 days there in March. However, the four games that have an important role in shaping how the season ‘Red Devils’ will end.

“In Manchester Here you can not with certainty say Spring started coming, but we’ve been up in March and we know already started approaching the weeks decisive in one season,” Mata wrote in his blog.

The Red Devils will begin their work this month by visiting Newcastle United on Thursday (03/05/2015) pm dawn. After that Arsenal will face in the party last eight of the FA Cup on Tuesday (10/3) pm dawn.

Two of the last party that must be undertaken in this MU happens in the Premier League and may be a significant role in the race for fourth place considering the two opponents were involved in the competition, which will be hosted Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday (15/3) night and then Liverpool were waiting at Anfield on Sunday (22/3) night.

“We must make every effort in the next parties to achieve our targets; as a start, the day after tomorrow opponents Newcastle in the Premier League, then next Monday against Arsenal in the FA Cup. We also will face Tottenham and Liverpool in March, so it is not excessive to make that month as the most demanding in this season, “said Mata.

“After the defeat at Swansea headquarters, it’s important to win against Sunderland last week and get three points. We remain in the Champions League, but you only have to glance at the board klasemennya to realize how tough this competition will run until the end of the season.

“We’re ready for it, even though we only think of trying to win all games remaining: start Wednesday at St. James’ Park, a stadium which brings a lot of memories because I’ve scored some goals there,” explained the Spanish international who previously played for Chelsea.