What She, Ronaldo?

What She, Ronaldo?

What She, Ronaldo?

Madrid – Early season runs so sweet to Cristiano Ronaldo, until the moment came after the World Cup everything starts ominously for Real Madrid star.

Ronaldo inevitably have to face the middle of the recent criticism directed against it, especially his performance dropped dramatically after the Ballon d’Or trophy for the second time in a row.

Yet at the same time rival, Lionel Messi, it was on fire with 10 goals and five assists in his last nine games in all competitions.

Especially when striking Madrid defeated by a score of 0-4 Atletico Madrid in the derby, Ronaldo instead held a birthday party a few hours after the game.

Within a month since the turn of the year, all the positive things that come Ronaldo since the beginning of the season as forgotten. Though Madrid could be at the top of the standings, after a bad start this season, could not be separated from the role of 30-year-old footballer.

Just look within 4.5 months since the season began in August, made a total of 29 goals in La Liga, Champions League and UEFA Super Cup. However, since the new year, a new Ronaldo make four goals (three in the league, one in the Copa del Rey).

Ronaldo’s declining performance is directly proportional to the appearance of the affected Madrid, where they had swallowed three defeats from nine games that have been played, including Atletico removed in the last 16 of the Copa del Rey, after Los Blancos won 22 consecutive wins in all competitions.

Naturally, if then many are questioning where “Ronaldo” which like the previous six months? Plus the boy’s father got out of emotion, when kicked and slapped the face of the Cordoba players who make it suspended two games.

Although no statistics mention that Ronaldo was experiencing similar symptoms, after winning the Ballon d’Or trophy last year. However, most people rate is influenced by the shipwreck of the love relationship Ronaldo with Russian supermodel Irina Shayk, who has been running for five years.

Furthermore tendon problem in his left knee also unresolved since last season, is also mentioned as a strong factor menurunnnya Ronaldo appearance.

Whatever the reason, only Ronaldo who knows the truth and she’s just as well that could improve the current performance. Can, Ronaldo?