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Saliva Action tail-spitting, Cisse and Evans Sentenced Weight

Saliva Action tail-spitting, Cisse and Evans Sentenced Weight

Saliva Action tail-spitting, Cisse and Evans Sentenced Weight

London – FA impose severe penalties for Papiss Cisse and Jonny Evans related incidents spit each other in Newcastle United’s match against Manchester United. Cisse was sentenced to seven games, while Evans six games.

The incident occurred after the two players involved in the struggle for the ball ahead of the end of the first half in a match that was held in St. James’ Park on Thursday (3/5/2015) ago.

In the television footage, Evans looked spit down at Cisse. Senegalese striker was then retaliated by spitting Evans from close range so that the neck of the Manchester United defender.

Both were then charged by the FA. Evans denies spat Cisse, while the Newcastle striker admitted regret and apologize.

Over the incident, the FA decided to sentence suspended for six games for Evans and Cisse. Sanctions for Cisse plus one game because previously he had been convicted in this season.

“Both players charged over FA rules violation of article E1 [a] around the 38th minute of their match each spit,” the FA said in a statement quoted by the Guardian.

“Mr. Cisse received the indictment and sentence consists of six games, which is the standard punishment for this action, with an additional one match because he had previously received charges of violence this season.”

“Mr Evans denied the charges but proved through hearings conducted an Independent Regulatory Commission on Friday (6/3), generating a sentence of six matches. The incident was not seen by the match officials but caught on camera,” the FA said in a statement.

Punishment for Evans came into force in the FA Cup quarter-final match against Arsenal on Monday (9/3). While the new Cisse could re-strengthen the Magpies in the last three games this season.