Serious Injury Lahm, Ribery Feeling Lost

Serious Injury Lahm, Ribery Feeling Lost

Serious Injury Lahm, Ribery Feeling Lost

Agen Tangkas Bayern Munich captain Philipp Lahm, long enough to be pulled over because of a severe injury in his ankle. Lahm regrettable absence by calling Franck Ribery Bayern players have lost importance.

Lahm got injured during training session on Tuesday (11/18/2014) local time. After examination, the 31-year note fractured ankle.

As a result of that injury, Lahm should increase the operating table. Former German international was called it took three months to restore its condition.

Lahm made Ribery‘s injury was devastated. Despite feeling very lost, the Frenchman is ready to give support to Lahm for his recovery.

Painful saw her lying on the ground. Every player and every employee Bayern feels sorry for him. We‘ve lost a very important player. He always plays well, always in the best condition, and is always a good captain,” said Ribery told Bild quoted as saying ESPN FC.

Its presence on the pitch was incredible, but also in the locker room. And we will lose it. We lost a very important player.”

“Now he has to stay calm, stay strong, even though it was not easy. She needs support from her family and from us. We are also family and will help where we can. We are there to Philipp,” he said.

Lahm has become one of the mainstay players Pep Guardiola. Lahm looks vital role of scarcity he pulled out when the game is not over. Of the 15 games that have been played Bayern in all competitions, Lahm has always been a starter and the only three times he was substituted in the middle of the fight.