There is Sir Alex’s Behind Decision Moyes Thank Pinangan Sociedad

There is Sir Alex‘s Behind Decision Moyes Thank Pinangan Sociedad

There is Sir Alex's Behind Decision Moyes Thank Pinangan Sociedad

Judi Bola Online David Moyes has had a job again after receiving a proposal from Real Sociedad. 50-year-old coach was revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson for advice before accepting the offer of La Real.

Sociedad coach position vacant after Jagoba Arrasate sacked on November 3. Only recorded one win from 10 games made him have lost their jobs.

Some of the names rumored to be the target for the new coach. Finally, Moyes club officials chose to become a new architect. Incidentally, the Scot is currently unemployed after being sacked by Manchester United in April.

Despite being unemployed, Moyes did not immediately accept the offer Sociedad. He claimed to have time to seek advice from Fergie before signing a contract valid until the month in June 2016.

“I talked with Alex and say ‘this is an opportunity that came to me, what do you think?’. And Alex said, he felt it was a tremendous opportunity for me,” said Moyes in the Telegraph.

He talked about work, we talk about the opportunity that he thought was a tremendous opportunity. I feel this is the right decision to move for me and he supported me,” he added.

This is the second time for Moyes to seek advice on the issue of jobs Fergie. Before deciding to accept the offer of Manchester United, he first talked with the seniors.