Skrtel: Print Goals of Chief Leaked

Skrtel: Print Goals of Chief Leaked

Skrtel: Print Goals of Chief Leaked

Liverpool There are stories that can be taken from the match Liverpool vs Arsenal last night, Sunday (12/21/2014). Starting from a poor defense to a story about Martin Skrtel.

Poor defense is not only experienced by Liverpool, but also Arsenal. Arsenal’s second goal was created because Liverpool negligent in anticipation of a set piece, and then failed to escort Olivier Giroud who get enough space in the penalty box.

While Liverpool’s second goal was also preceded by Arsenal in the last mistake. The first is preceded by one shift gears on the left side of the Arsenal defense, while the second occurred because no one guarding Skrtel and no guard at the far post.

Special for Skrtel, he has his own story. Skrtel was the one who escorted Mathieu Debuchy on Arsenal’s first goal, then Skrtel also contributed to the injury time 9 minutes in the second half due to injury, and last Skrtel own who scored the equalizing position.

Arsenal’s first goal came only about a minute of Liverpool’s first goal. Starting from a free kick on the right side, the ball bouncing from one head to another. Last head, the head of Debuchy, bouncing the ball into the goal. Debuchy (177 cm) successfully won the aerial duel against Skrtel (191 cm).

In the second half, an incident that makes Skrtel had to wear a special bandage for the rest of the game. When the duel while running with Giroud, Skrtel fell. Unfortunate for the Slovakian defender, the bottom of the shoe Giroud on the back of his head.

Impact, Skrtel head was bleeding and he was moaning in pain. Giroud immediately apologized and television cameras directing attention to the French striker‘s shoes.

It took quite a long time to treat Skrtel on the pitch. After getting treatment and are given special protective black, 30-year-old defender was decided to continue playing.

The impact of the incident, the referee gave a time of 9 minutes of injury time. Additional time for it gives Liverpool enough time to look for equalizing goal position.

In the 90th minute + 6, Liverpool get a corner. From the corner kick, the ball bounced into the penalty box and Skrtel –With head bandaged, of saja– the ball. There is no accompanying him, although Per Mertesacker –bertinggi 198 cm– standing nearby. The ball rolled to the far post and no one can menghalaunya. Final score 2-2.

Last season, Skrtel scored 7 goals in 36 appearances in the Premier League. This season, the goals against Arsenal finished first goal.