Still Drag goal, Suarez: There’s No Need To dramatized

Still Drag goal, Suarez: There’s No Need To dramatized

Still Drag goal, Suarez: There's No Need To dramatized

Judi Bola Online Sharpness Luis Suarez has been questioned as he is still difficult to score goals. But Suarez excessive rate it as he promised immediate goals will come from it.

Suarez was imported from Liverpool with an expensive price that is 75 million pounds. That Barca want only one that Uruguayan striker was able to show the same sharpness, while still redred uniforms.

With 31 goals made in the Premier League, Suarez‘s performance so far has not shown he is the owner of the European Golden Boot. Of the seven matches in all competitions, the new Suarez make a goal.

Indeed, he could donate four assists, while remaining goals of a figure who awaited controversial player. However, the goddess Fortuna apparently did not want to stop by her.

For example it is currently facing Valencia last weekend, where two golden chances failed to produce a goal, one pushed Diego Alves then the other side. Suarez could actually make a goal but was disallowed for offside stuck.

Naturally, if then Suarez began to be questioned by the Spanish media, where sharpness disappear? Is it because of his role sevital no longer as the time at Liverpool, considering Barca had Lionel Messi and Neymar.

What happened to me was, regardless of instinct, is something that has always wanted me to fix it. I’m often a bit hesitant and that’s why I’m wasting several chances. I‘ll try to get my instincts again,” said Suarez like to Catalunya Radio as quoted Soccernet.

I came to Barca to make a lot of goals, but I’m not worried. When I felt I was able to help the team, I’m happy. The interests of the team above goals. I hope goals will come soon, but there are two players in Barca stars who scored a lot of goals. My problem is not necessary dramatized, “he continued.