Think reluctant Rival, ‘Red Devils’ Focus on Yourself

Think reluctant Rival, ‘Red Devils’ Focus on Yourself

Think reluctant Rival, 'Red Devils' Focus on Yourself

Manchester – Manchester United are in the midst of fierce competition for the ticket to the Champions League next season. However, they are reluctant to pay attention to the results achieved by rivals around them.

Thanks to a 1-0 win over Newcastle United in the middle of this week, the United maintain their permanent place in the top four zones. Nevertheless, the position of the four major United in the zone is not fully secure.

There are at least six teams compete for three tickets to the Champions League next season. The fifth team is Arsenal, United, Liverpool, Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur.

Arsenal just one point ahead of United, while United yourself one point ahead of Liverpool, and Liverpool just two points ahead of Southampton. While Tottenham are in the rearmost position in this competition because of lagging two points behind Southampton.

Victory over Newcastle center this weekend, although thin, becomes important because rivals called upon all win. However, the United midfielder, Daley Blind, choose not to think about the results achieved by the other team.

“I did hear the other team to win, but the most important is to think of ourselves. We must continue to win matches our own,” said Blind on the official club website.

“Does not really matter what people think other teams to us.”

United yourself already waited six important schedule throughout March and April in the Premier League. Successively, they will face Tottenham Hotspur (enclosure), Liverpool (away), Aston Villa (cage), Manchester City (cage), Chelsea (away) and Everton (away).