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Towards the 700th match, Casillas: I’m Still In the past Casillas

Towards the 700th match, Casillas: I’m Still In the past Casillas

Towards the 700th match, Casillas: I'm Still In the past Casillas

Jakarta Awakening Iker Casillas from a bad period could reach the highest point at the end of this week. At the top of the party Club World Cup match that he would undergo 700th in uniform El Real.

Interval of 2013 and 2014 into a bleak period for Casillas after he lost the position of the main goalkeeper in La Liga, performed poorly in the World Cup and to accept the scorn of his own supporters. However, two consecutive penalties rescue undertaken Madrid Casillas when dealing with Almeria and Cruz Azul considered to be a marker has been the return him to the best performance.

I have always been the same player, but every player certainly pass a series of good and bad results. In the end you can do is hold your head up and keep going,” said Casillas in Morocco.

Always good for you to remember what you’ve achieved even though you can not live with it. Make two peyelematan penalty is a good thing if everything goes well and we won the title,” he continued in Reuters.

Casillas led Madrid will have a chance to be champions at the end of this week, when they bring the final match with San Lorenzo.

The match will be held on Sunday (12/21/2014) pm dawn is going to be special for Casillas as it will be his 700th appearance in uniform Madrid. In the history of Madrid there are only two players who had the appearance of more than Casillas, they are Raul Gonzalez (741) and Manuel Sanchis Hontiyuelo (710).

Casillas had a record number of appearances okay linked with Madrid in multiples of 100. In the 100th game he led Madrid‘s 2-0 win over Athletic Bilbao, in game number 200 he gave Real Madrid a 2-0 (2003), while victory 2- 0 (2005) on Rosenborg achieved while serving his 300th game.

When diving 400th match for Madrid victory also successfully obtained Casillas, against Racing Santander when it (2007), Madrid 3-1 at the Santiago Bernabeu. Match number 500 marked Casillas with a 3-0 win over Xerez, while the 4-1 advantage over Athletic Bilbao achieved when diving duel 600th in uniform Madrid.