Trouble Distinguishing Fernando and Fernandinho

Trouble Distinguishing Fernando and Fernandinho

Trouble Distinguishing Fernando and Fernandinho

Manchester Both players are from the same country, the same stature, similar position, and play in the same club as well. In fact, the mention of their names were similar!

One Fernando, the other Fernandinho. Brazilian duo is owned by Manchester City, playing as a midfielder: Fernandinho central midfielder, defensive midfielder Fernando.

Overview – precisely on their lapangan– not easy to distinguish in action. Understandably, they are the same color, the same bald head, just a slightly different height. Especially if you do not memorize their jersey number, fans might see two players twin” the same costume: from shirts, pants, socks up.

At least that is experienced by a well-known pundit in England, Charlie Nicholas. When I became a commentator for Sky Sports Everton vs. Man City match on Saturday (10/01/2015), he misidentified. Fernandinho, who scored for City, called Fernando.

The host of the show, Jeff Stelling, Nicholas quickly realized his mistake and apologized.

Jeff, physically they are similar, and sometimes difficult to distinguish. So, you do not quite know who is where,” said Nicholas told his colleagues that, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The error was discussed in social media, by the mere fad” to the somewhat serious”. Nicholas too seriously considered racist” because it seemed as if black people are difficult to distinguish.

Sky Sport itself has to continue apology Nicholas, which in fact is not necessary, because the error is considered normal and minor. Moreover, a similar player in the team is not a rare thing. Previously Nicky Barmby and Craig Hignett up called The Midget Gemswhile defending Middlesbourgh or two-headed quarterback ever simultaneously strengthens Everton: Thomas Gravesen and Lee Carsley.