Want to Roma, Johnson?

Want to Roma, Johnson?

Want to Roma, Johnson?

Liverpool – Glen Johnson is considering all options including to join AS Roma next season. Yet there has been no talks between the parties Johnson with I Lupi so far.

Johnson contract with Liverpool will expire this summer and there is no sign of the club will extend their stay at Anfield. Especially this season Johnson is no longer a top choice Brendan Rodgers.

Injuries interfere with the appearance of 30-year-old player so he only played 21 times in all competitions and make a goal. Naturally, if then his future speculated.

Various clubs reported already interested in the former Portsmouth player was though to date there has been no serious offer to him. Currently the focus of Johnson is looking for a club that really could give him a challenge.

One of the clubs that might interest Johson is Rome, the club is now reinforced compatriot in England, Ashley Cole, who incidentally is also an agent with him.

“Of course he is considering a lot of things today. He was evaluating a lot of clubs. Glen obviously looking for a club that can evoke his career again,” said Johnson’s agent, Jonathan Barnett, as quoted by Football Italia

“That is the most important thing for him. Where he could play at a great club who compete for a lot of things. He wants to play there,” he continued.

“I can not say for sure that he was considering Rome, we had not been in contact with Rome. Although Rome would be a fun place for him. Ashley Cole just love it, I was his agent as well.”

“Ashley has been talking a lot of good things about Rome but there has been no contact with Roma-related Glen,” said he.