What’s in Southampton?

What’s in Southampton?

What's in Southampton?

Sheffield – Past surprise and praised, now constantly lose and difficult to get up. What happened to Southampton so they like to lose power kejutnya?

For class club Southampton, could sit in second place standings Premier League is something extraordinary. The Saints when it is above the other clubs are more established as Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool. They’re just there behind Chelsea.

It becomes more impressive when considering the fact that the Southampton just digembosi” last summer. Club based at St Mary‘s Stadium was lost Rickie Lambert, Adam Lallana, Dejan Lovren, Luke Shaw and Calum Chambers. Players were moved to bigger clubs. Manager Mauricio Pochettino also move to Tottenham.

However, replacement Pochettino, Ronald Koeman, is able to maximize the new players coming. Look how Dusan Tadic, Graziano Pelle, Fraser Forster, or Toby Alderweireld directly tune in this team. Tadic good at giving assists, Pelle sharp in front of goal, Forster tough under the crossbar, and Alderweireld is a solid wall at the back.

Unfortunately, the beautiful story of Southampton as an end too quickly. They recently constantly hit by defeat. Already a five-game losing streak that they can, each of Manchester City (0-3), Arsenal (0-1), Manchester United (1-2), Burnley (0-1), and finally Sheffield United (0-1 ).

The first three losses might be understandable” because on paper the opponent does have quality and material better player. However, the defeat of Burnley and Sheffield United’s hard to understand. Burnley is the bottom side in the Premier League, while Sheffield United in fact derived from the third division.

Koeman said, he recently encountered a problem because some key players absent. When defeated Sheffield United, Southampton performed without Pelle, Tadic, and Steven Davis.

It’s difficult. In my opinion, one of the problems in recent weeks is that we have to constantly change the team due to injury and suspension. Okay, the suspension is part of football, injuries are part of football, but we do not have many midfielders ready play, he said.

In a difficult situation as it is now, Southampton has awaited a tough opponent in the next round. They will face Everton in the Premier League on Saturday (12/20/2014) future.

Everyone should be responsible, not hiding behind their shell. We had to get up because there is the next game in the Premier League and we have to stop this barrage of bad results,” said defender Southampton, Jose Fonte, at the club’s official website.

Can they get back to winning ways?