After a year more, Walcott Finally Jebol Hurdles Again

After a year more, Walcott Finally Jebol Hurdles Again

After a year more, Walcott Finally Jebol Hurdles Again

London – Relieved. That felt Theo Walcott after scoring back. More than a year Arsenal striker was fasting came into the game because of injuries that afflict long.

Walcott spent nearly the whole of yesterday to undergo a knee ligament injury recovery. The injury acquired in the third round of the FA Cup last season, precisely at the beginning of January.

Once recovered, Walcott started back playing at the beginning of November 2014. Arsene Wenger gave him the opportunity to appear as a substitute in three games. Yet another injury to the groin perch in the process, forcing him back absent.

He had to play again in the match at the turn of the year. Since then, he appeared in four of the five games that lived his team. In the first three games that no goal is created. But on the latest opportunities in the face of Brighton & Hove Albion in the fourth round of the FA Cup, the goals came from his feet.

This means that after one year 21 days, Walcott made it back came into the game and end the wait. Even so, 25 players this year said the focus now is back to the best physical level.

“Yes, it has been so long. I had many opportunities since returning true, but I’ve been pulled over for a year so it still takes time,” he said on the club’s official website.

“It’s nice to get back a little fitness to play. I am very pleased with the completion of the end and obviously there will be many more goals.”

“People will expect me to score every game, but now what is important is physical fitness, sharpness play, and scoring goals again. The goal is a bonus,” said he.